• Protecting the cruiser and ferry ship passengers
  • Improving the global security at ports and the supply chain

Project description

Scalable multidimensionAl sitUation awaReness sOlution for protectiNg european ports (SAURON)

SAURON project addresses the topic CIP-01-2016-2017: Prevention, detection, response and mitigation of the combination of physical and cyber threats to the critical infrastructure of Europe and put the focus on protection of EU Ports under Transport Infrastructure and means of transportation type of CI.

SAURON proposes to ensure an adequate level of protection and resilience against physical, cyber and a combined threat for the EU ports and limiting, as far as possible, the detrimental effects for the society and citizens of a declared attack.

The vision of SAURON is to provide a multidimensional yet installation-specific Situational Awareness (SA) platform to help port operators anticipate and withstand potential cyber, physical or combined threats to their freight and cargo business and to the safety of their employees, visitors, passengers and citizens in the vicinity. This will be achieved by accomplishing the following operational objectives:

  • O1. To analyse the ports current vulnerabilities and risks: SAURON will use the results of previous dedicated projects (e.g. CYSM, MEDUSA, MITIGATE) which analysed the EU ports real physical and cyber vulnerabilities and risks in order to assess and adapt their results to the ports current protection systems
  • O2. To produce a multidimensional and scalable SA platform: To develop (to TRL7) and test a multidimensional and scalable SA platform easily deployable for EU ports comprising a Physical Situation Awareness (PSA) application, a Cyber Situation Awareness (CSA) application and a Hybrid Situation Awareness (HSA) application in order to prevent, detect, respond and mitigate any physical, cyber or combined threat.
  • O3. To fuse the physical environment, including external events and the cyberspace in order to achieve a hybrid operation theatre capable of detecting potential cascading effects for helping the decision makers to prevent, understand and face any kind of potential threat.
  • O4. To develop and integrate innovative population warning techniques for informing and protecting both, the inhabitants in the vicinity of the ports and the emergency teams in charge of intervening in case of attack
  • O5. To validate the project results in a cost effective way under real conditions through 2 pilot demonstrations in real EU ports (Valencia Port and Piraeus Port).
  • O6. To ensure compliance with legal and ethical principles and requirements, identify lacunae and hurdles and develop concrete recommendations to policy makers and pertinent stakeholders with the aim to ameliorate the current level of protection in the EU ports.

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